What 5G can give you?

Imagine a world like this:

What 5G can give you?

With its extremely low latency rate, 5G allows educational delivery to be faster, more reliable, and smoother. So, how can 5G transform the global classroom.

ZTE is increasing access to connectivity, bridging the education gap, and helping to reconstruct educational forms and interactive methods, so more people in more countries can enjoy valuable learning resources and look forward to a brighter future.

By combining 5G, new applications and technologies, we hope to create a new era of 5G smart heathcare and bring healthcare services anytime and anywhere.

Ready to fly smarter? Activate ZTE 5G ATG technology, which can connect passengers in the air to their work and life on the ground.

ZTE’s Smart Home Products invite you to experience a digital life with all-optical connections.

And still focusing on staying Green. Get to know more about The Dark Factory! How does ZTE use technological innovation to advance green development for the digitaleconomy? How does ZTE promote the achievement of the dualcarbon goal through green operations, green supply chains, green ICT, and green industry.