Training bit: Self-management - Are you managing yourself or just going with the flow?

English speaking workshop with the Egyesek Youth Association at ELTE Career Center's training room.

Self-management is your ability to regulate behaviors, thoughts, and emotions in a way that better serves you and your goals. It supports your self-awareness and well-being to stay on top of social cues.  Learn the most important self-management skills to excel in both personal and professional responsibilities for the benefit of yourself and your communities. It doesn’t always come naturally, but with the right tools and practice, you can develop it. 

The Egyesek Youth Association during this short training session will show a framework and tools based on their experience coming from organizing and facilitating international volunteering projects for 22 years.

Date and time: April 5, 2023, 12:00-04:30 PM

Venue:  ELTE Career Center's training room
1053 Budapest Egyetem tér 5. 
entrance from Henszlmann Imre street maplink
The number of participants is limited, up to the capacity of the training room.