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Preparing yourself for a successful job interview!

For many, a job interview is a very stressful thing. The key to overcoming nerves and having a successful interview is preparation. What should you consider while preparing for a job interview? Join us via Microsoft Teams and find out more with our special guest from IBM Budapest, Darrin Jones Procurement Services Practice Leader. Tovább ›»

How to start looking for a job?

You can do a lot to get closer to your career goals after university or even before. Getting a degree is just one of many possible building blocks for success. Moreover, success is a subjective concept: it means something different to everyone. You can be successful if you know what success means to you. If you know what is important to you and what are your preferences, you will be satisfied with your achievements. In life-course planning, you can make a proper plan by understanding the opportunities ahead that you will face and assessing the consequences. Tovább ›»

Application Package

The selection methods for each position may vary widely, but it is almost always necessary to put together an application package. The two most common elements of this are a curriculum vitae (CV) and a motivational letter. Less frequently, references (letters of recommendation) and other documents (e.g., qualifications, language skills, eligibility, suitability, references) may also be requested. Make sure that all the elements of your application package are consistent with each other, with your personality and with the requirements of the position you are applying for. Tovább ›»

Preparation for a job interview

For most positions, one of the most important parts of the selection process is the personal meeting. The interview is an excellent opportunity for candidates to convince their prospective employers of their personal qualities, and for interviewers to discover the real strengths and weaknesses of candidates. Tovább ›»