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North Korea, Poisoned Chocolate and Other Challenges of Country Risk Management: Making Smart Decisions on Wall Street

Presentation hosted by Clark Anderson Head of Country Risk at Morgan Stanley

Clark Anderson has been a country risk specialist for 34 years, working with corporate, financial, and government clients around the world. For most of his career, Anderson has managed country risk on Wall Street, first as Global Manager of the Sovereign Risk Management & Advisory Group at Goldman Sachs and currently as Global Head of Country Risk for Morgan Stanley, where he also serves as Chief Operating Officer for Credit Risk Management. Anderson is a China specialist, having followed China closely since modernization began in 1978 and advising both the Chinese government and firms operating in China. He also has particular expertise in global energy issues.

Tuesday, February 20

1.45 pm – 2.45 pm


Corvinus University of Budapest

Main Auditorium (second floor)

4-6 Közraktár (Building C)

1093 Budapest